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Are you scared of trying one of those physically demanding yoga poses? Try our eco-friendly yoga blocks for not just an easier practice but also for proper alignment and support.

If you think using a block or a prop is an admission of weakness, you are wrong because yoga blocks can help facilitate many yoga poses, especially for standing stretches and will even let you deepen your connections with Asanas. Yoga blocks can be used by anyone from beginners to masters as it supports tight thighs & knees, helps you in balancing standing poses, extends your reach and polishes your postures. Maji Sports has two different kinds of Yoga blocks, one with a carbonized Bamboo hollow core and one with Cork solid core. Order Maji Sports Yoga Blocks at the best price available for following advantages:

  • Smooth finish & superior grip
  • Made of 100% Cork & Bamboo
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Can be used for all types of yoga

Increase balance and stability in your practice and explore the subtle energies of your body by preventing focus on stress or injury.


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